Business Principles

Partners of Dutch Sustainable Business believe that there is only one business model that can deliver value over the long haul: a sustainable business model. In securing a competitive advantage in tomorrow’s economy, DSB partners determine their course of action today. Seven essential Business Principles form the base for their endeavors around sustainable entrepreneurship:

1. Place long-term value creation over short-term profit maximization
DSB partners actively pursue multiple-axis value creation: social, ecological and financial. Company goals, business models and strategy align with delivering value on these metrics. Partners aim to measure and report on these values transparently.

2. Contribute to the transition and show that you’re doing it
DSB partners continuously search for opportunities to contribute to the transition to a new economy. They persistently work on new products and services and try to offer customers a sustainable alternative. They are transparent in their communication on their sustainability efforts, and in their communication around accomplishments and points of improvement.

3. Focus on radical innovation
DSB partners aim to innovate radically and disruptively. This entails supporting new business principles and business models that radiate into the supply chain, affecting suppliers and buyers.

4. Circular Business
DSB partners are frontrunners in the applying circular economy principles.  They close material loops in production and distribution processes that traditionally consume a lot of resources, produce waste or require large amounts of fossil fuels.

5. Do business beyond industry borders
In building sustainable business, DSB partners open-mindedly look for collaborations. They aim to build dynamic forms of collaboration, reach beyond industry borders and aren’t stopped by conventional methods of partnering or partner size.

6. Take responsibility
DSB partners feel responsible beyond the borders of their enterprise. They do business in non-hierarchical value cycles in which suppliers and buyers work together to deliver maximal value. Wherever protection of intellectual property is not crucial for existence, DSB partners share their knowledge.

7. Sustainable leadership
DSB partners invest in managers and leaders who value the sustainability their business, their surroundings and society. They shape their business towards providing social, ecological and financial value by utilizing sustainable financing models amongst others.