EU Advocacy for a Circular Economy – quotes from some of our partners

“As main funding partner of this initiative, we find it important that and CSR Netherlands / De Groene Zaak advocate policy measures at the EU level that are both forward looking and realistic. Forward looking, because aiming for cross sectoral systems change. Realistic, because based on the experience of green SMEs as well as pioneering large companies.”

Myriam Tryjefaczka, Sustainability and public affairs Director EMEA at Tarkett


“Interface supports because it helps us to promote the advantages of doing circular business, for society as a whole as well as for companies. To achieve this, we advocate a tax shift from labour to resources, and creating transparency throughout the value chain.”

Geanne van Arkel, Head of Sustainable Development at Interface EMEA



“The main added value of is that it is the only cross-sectoral business organization advocating systemic policy measures to accelerate and mainstream the circular economy. Circular procurement and waste policies  are of major importance to create a business environment favoring circular choices.” 

Agnes Schuurmans, Sustainable building Public Affairs for the Rockwool Group

“Our main objective is to create a shift toward a new economy in the Netherlands by 2025. Being a member of is crucial for us to help changing the “rules of the game” at the EU level: policies such as the Circular Economy Package, the Plastics Strategy and the VAT Directive have a major impact on company decisions in all member states.”

Michel Schuurman, Director Economy & Politics at CSR Netherlands / De Groene Zaak

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