Social Value Analysis


What is the value of cleaning in a hospital? What value creates a healthy environment in your house? How would you describe the value of mobility? And what exactly is lost if hygiene, a clean living environment or mobility is lacking?

These are difficult questions, however more and more companies are asking them. If you think that the economy, and therefore your organization, does not solely revolve around financial value, but also social and ecological value, you will also want to analyze that value as concretely and tangibly as possible. Four pioneering companies challenged themselves and drafted a whitepaper around the topic.

The Dutch Railway System (Nederlandse Spoorwegen – NS), Primum (a subsidiary of Volker Wessels), USG People, and Vebego took on the challenge last year to make their social value measurable and transparent. They wanted to make better and more informed choices for the world around them, and their own business simultaneously.

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